Animal insemination
Animal insemination

Animal insemination

We can suggest AI with frozen semen in Blanche du Massif Central.
Our AI rams undergo progeny test both on maternal qualities (milk value and prolificacy) and on meat qualities (growth, fat and conformation).
They are sons of the best females and males of the breed.

Our wide range of improver rams :

  • AMEL : Improver on maternal qualities coming from progeny tests in selection farms
  • AMBO : Improver on meat qualities coming from Fedatest genetic station
  • ESPOIRS : Best rams out of control station, while progeny test scheme

Turnkeys projects

Thanks to a complete projects team, ROM Selection propose to help investors in their sheep projects.
We can provide sheep turnkeys projects everywhere in the world.
We’ll give you solutions on reproduction, breeding systems, sanitary items in particular.
We have several experiments on huge projects in foreign countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.